Kidney and urinary bladder related cell lines

Name Description of cell line Original reference Origin Sex & Age  Source Cellosaurus (ExPaSy)
HEK 293 Embryonal kidney cell line, transformed by adenovirus type 5 Graham et al., J Gen Virol 36: 59 (1977) Embryonal kidney Female DSMZ CVCL_0045
Transformed cell line
NTERA-2 Metastatic embryonal carcinoma cell line, cloned from TERA-2 Fogh & Trempe, Human Tumor Cells in Vitro : 115 (1975) Male, 22 DSMZ CVCL_0034
Cancer cell line
RPTEC TERT1 Proximal tubular epithelial cell line Wieser et al., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 295(5): 1365-1375 (2008) Human kidney cortex Male Evercyte CVCL_K278
Telomerase immortalized cell line
RT4 Urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell line Rigby et al., Br J Cancer 24: 746 (1970) Urinary bladder Male, 63 DSMZ/ECACC CVCL_0036
Cancer cell line