New version 21 of the Human Protein Atlas

V21 HPA.png

A new version 21 of the open access Human Protein Atlas has been launched. A lot of new data and content have been added and the resource now includes 10 separate sections exploring the human proteins from different angels. All data has been updated on the approximately 15 million individual web pages.

The Ensembl 103 genome release was used for the annotation of all protein-coding genes and a new normalization scheme was developed for all the data sets. A new strategy for dimensionality reduction and density-based clustering of co-expression patterns has been used to explore the gene expression landscape and we present Expression UMAP clustering of all protein-coding genes. Version 21 also contains a lot of new information within the various parts of the Human Protein Atlas, including revised summary pages for all human protein-coding genes, revised dictionary for educational purposes and a new Methods Summary for the 10 sections with information how the data in each section has been generated, analyzed and visualized.

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