Multiplex Immunohistochemistry to Showcase Distal Tubules in Kidney


The Tissue Atlas section has in this version implemented multiplex immunohistochemistry for a selection of 500 unique proteins in testis and kidney. The new data can be used to explore high-resolution fluorescence images at the single-cell level.

Potassium inwardly rectifying channel subfamily J member (KCNJ1) is present in most mammalian cells. In the kidney it may hold a major role in potassium metabolism and homeostasis. These channels are known to allow potassium to flow into the cells. By using the novel multiplex immunohistochemistry method, cytoplasmic localization of KCNJ1 (green) was observed in collecting ducts and distal tubules, thereby confirming the single-cell RNA data presented in the Single Cell Type section.

More in depth information about the multiplex immunohistochemistry technique can be found here!

Emil Lindström