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The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) has been selected as a Global Core Biodata Resource


We are proud to announce that the Human Protein Atlas is one of the newly appointed Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBR) selected by the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC)...Read more

Image of the month - RBP2 in the intestines

RBP2 duodenum cropped.jpg

This month we turn the spotlight to retinol binding protein 2 (gene: RBP2), which plays an important role in the uptake of vitamin A in the intestines. Now that winter has arrived, we increasingly need good night vision and a strong immune system - two physiological processes that we have vitamin A to thank for...Read more

Unlocking Immune Diversity: The RAG Recombinase


The defense mechanism of our adaptive immune system relies on the antigen-recognition abilities of two molecules: T cell receptors (TCRs), attached to the surface of T cells, and immunoglobins (Igs), anchored to and secreted by B cells. These molecules are equipped with pockets that bind with remarkable selectivity to a specific antigen. Our bodies maintain an estimated 1014 specificities for Igs and a whopping 1018 for TCRs. Considering our entire genome harbors approximately 105 genes, how is this diversity achieved?..Read more

Advances in Proteomics & Metabolomics


In the online on-demand symposium Advances in Proteomics & Metabolomics 2023 hosted by Technology Networks, leading scientists have been brought together to highlight the latest advancements in translational proteomics and metabolomics...Read more

Movie of the month - Parkinson's disease


In this movie neurologist Per Svenningsson at Karolinska Institute explains how 3D visualization of the brain using light-sheet microscopy can be used to better understand ParkinsonĀ“s disease...Read more