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Immune cell map arms researchers with new tool to fight deadly diseases

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The article "A genome-wide transcriptomic analysis of protein-coding genes in human blood cells" is published in the journal Science on December 19...Read more

New protein summary launched

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Today, a new version 19.1 of the Human Protein Atlas is launched in which the information from various parts of the database is summarized in a new format for each of the 19,670 human protein-coding genes...Read more

Cell Image of the Month: the Molecular Chaperone Hsp110


To fold or to degrade? Proteins have to be folded to its native structure in order to perform its designated tasks and a failure to do so leads to deleterious effects. Chaperones as the name suggest prevents improper interactions and ensures proper functioning of the proteome...Read more

Horizon Discovery partners with the Human Protein Atlas

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Today it is announced that Horizon Discovery and the Human Protein Atlas have entered into partnership. The HPA Cell Atlas program will integrate Horizon's HAP1 cell line and has selected Horizon's CRISPR-edited knockout cell models to further expand the knowledge available in the Cell Atlas program...Read more

The Human Secretome defined


Today, a novel map of all proteins secreted to human blood is described. The paper by Uhlen et al. entitled "The Human Secretome" is published in the journal Science Signaling and provides a first comprehensive annotation of all proteins secreted by the human cells. In addition, an analysis of the concentrations of the proteins circulating in the human blood is described. This map provides a unique resource to study human biology and diseases, in particular for immune-based research and efforts to develop new, effective treatments in oncology and autoimmune diseases...Read more