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Publication of the Year Award by the Alzheimer's Association ISTAART


A publication on characterization of tau pathology in the locus coeruleus in the human brain using three-dimensional imaging was recently selected as recipient of a 2023 Publication of the Year Award by the Alzheimer's Association ISTAART. The study was published in Acta Neuropathologica and involved, among others, research groups from Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in Stockholm, Sweden...Read more

The star of the neurovascular unit

Image of the Week

In this movie Dr. Evelina Sjöstedt shows the cellular organization of the blood brain barrier in 3D and explains how this system can protect the brain against unwanted molecules, but also can be a problem when developing new treatments for diseases of the brain...Read more

TGFBR1: Core component of a multifunctional signaling pathway


In this image of the month, we highlight TGFBR1, a central component of the TGF-beta signaling pathway. Signaling pathways are the way cells communicate with each other and with their microenvironment, and their proper function is crucial for the coordination of cellular, tissue and organ functions throughout life...Read more

Selectivity of anti-GPCR antibodies


In a recent publication in Science Advances, the selectivity of antibodies against subfamilies of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) was investigated using a multiplexed immunoassay and a customized library of solubilized GPCRs...Read more

The State of Precision Medicine


On May 10th the Inside Precision Medicine magazine will host a free of charge webinar focusing on the current state and future of precision medicine and how to best use it to benefit patients around the world...Read more